Rigid Assessment Methods and Lack of ICT Use Preventing Inclusion of Hearing-Impaired Learners in Mainstream Schools



Assessment Methods, Hearing Impaired, Inclusion, Mainstream, Schools


Aim of the Study: Children with hearing impairment are finding no place in mainstream schools in Pakistan. One of the major reasons identified is the fixed assessment procedure to assess their learning in the schools. The lack of alternative assessment methods and adaptations in examination by the teachers is preventing their inclusion, resulting in their repetitive failures and high drop-out rates. The study was designed to identify the causes of failure of learners with hearing impairment in the examination in mainstream schools. The study also tried to find out the challenges faced by the students with hearing impairment in the assessment tests in the mainstream schools from parents’ perspectives.

Methodology: The study was qualitative in nature. Parents of children with hearing impairment (n=7) were purposively selected from the inclusive primary schools of the province Punjab. Semi-structured interviews were conducted for data collection. Thematic analysis was employed for data analysis.

Findings: Findings revealed that the absence of assistive technology and ICT; insufficient adaptations in the assessment test formats; and ignoring of the communication preferences of the students due to untrained teaching staff have caused stress among hearing-impaired learners. All these factors result in repeated failures, high dropout rates and exclusion of children with hearing impairment in general education settings.

Conclusion: It has been recommended that assistive technology, in particular, the use of ICT may be made mandatory for these visual learners in the schools. In-service teachers should be sufficiently trained to make adaptations in assessment procedures and how to use alternative assessment practices in accordance with the convenient communication styles of hearing-impaired learners for positive academic outcomes.

Author Biographies

  • Dr. Laila Khalid, University of Management & Technology, Lahore Pakistan.

    Assistant Professor, Department of Education, 

  • Dr. Saima Malik, Higher Education Department, Pakistan.

    Assistant Professor Education, 

  • Dr. Misbaha Malik, University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan.

    Assistant Professor Education, Institute of Education and Research, 




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