Impact of Online Chatting on Youngsters: A Survey Study of Foundation University Rawalpindi Campus


  • Muskaan Hoor Foundation University Islamabad. Author
  • Slaman Amin Foundation University Islamabad. Author


Online Chatting, Social Effects, Face-to-Face Communication, Youth


Information technology has made the world global village and helping the people to communicate and to connect around the globe. Usage of advanced technology like internet, social media has gained popularity among youth especially in students of universities. In this era technology is playing in important role in life, new advancement and developments in the field of internet is making the lifestyle easier and better for the public. Online chatting is also one of the advancement that has been used in the way youngsters communicate with each other. This paper examines the effect of internet chatting and usage of the chatting applications on youngsters' relationships among friends and family. Study adopted the method of survey and data was collected from n=100 students of Foundation University Rawalpindi Campus including male and female. The findings of the study revealed that dependency on the internet led to a number of social, physical and psychological problems among youngsters. Addiction to this habit has ruined their personality and the relationships with the peers. The study concluded that online applications are more favourite among youth and almost round the clock they found online and prompt response found common among the youth. This paper is focusing on all the aspects and youngsters social behavior too which has now created fake sense of belongingness, nearness and intimacy with their friends and relatives.

Author Biographies

  • Muskaan Hoor, Foundation University Islamabad.

    Researcher, Department of Arts & Media, 

  • Slaman Amin, Foundation University Islamabad.

    Lecturer, Department of Arts & Media, 




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Hoor, M. ., & Amin, S. . (2021). Impact of Online Chatting on Youngsters: A Survey Study of Foundation University Rawalpindi Campus. Online Media and Society, 2, 1-9.